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Nutritional Guidance & Weight Management

Energy Health Centre provides affordable, state-of-the-art nutrition programs individualized to meet the needs of your unique digestive and culinary limitations.

Food allergies and sensitivities, chronic obesity, .... More...

Screenings for Breast Health

At Energy Health Center, we offer safe, easy, informative tests to aid in the early detection of breast health issues. Because no single method of testing can determine the cause of all physical problems, we strive to have the most cost-effective means... More....

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

FEM Centre’s pharmaceuti-cal-grade supplements are manufactured to the highest standards and contain no fillers. Our medical doctors, practitioners, nutritionists, and staff personally use and recommend them. These supplements are designed to augment .More...

Body Contouring Inch Loss Laser

Lose measurable inches at each session with NO pain, NO recovery time, and NO surgery!

Say goodbye to stubborn fat in less than four weeks with the Inch Loss Laser. More....

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::FEM Centre::-- Specialists in Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Hormone Balancing & Breast Health
  • Energy Health Centre helps you find keys to unlock health and wellness
  • wellness through weight loss, nutritional guidance, preventative testing,
  • and pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

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